White Chip Chocolate Cookies

Hello Kitchenettes! These homemade cookies are probably the easiest cookies I’ve made so far and require minimal effort. They are quick and taste just as good as a bakery cookie. Below are some tips and the recipe! To make these cookies, you will need a couple of mixing bowls, a large mixing spoon, an electricContinue reading “White Chip Chocolate Cookies”

Rainbow Chocolate Cupcakes

These Rainbow Chocolate Cupcakes are fun and easy to make. They are topped with Tie-dye Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. Below are some tips and the recipe! To make these cupcakes, you will need mixing bowls, an electric mixer, a large mixing spoon, cupcake tins, and cupcake liners. Other supplies you will need for the frosting areContinue reading “Rainbow Chocolate Cupcakes”

Mexican Flautas & Green Cream Cheese Salsa

This is a family recipe! The flautas I learned how to make from my grandmother, and the green sauce is from my God Mom. They are easy to do and full of delicious flavor. You can have them for lunch, dinner, as a snack. You can also serve there for a party. A little goesContinue reading “Mexican Flautas & Green Cream Cheese Salsa”

Pork Tostadas with Pineapple Salsa

Here is another stove top recipe for you to try! These pork tostadas are a Mexican favorite and the pineapple salsa goes perfect with the pork. They are simple to make and do not require a lot of ingredients. Below are some tips and the recipe! Before starting this recipe, you want to chop allContinue reading “Pork Tostadas with Pineapple Salsa”

Easy Fluffy Whole Wheat Pancakes

If you need another meal prep idea, try these panckaes! They are healthy and so delicious! They require minimal ingredients and will satisfy your pancake crave in the morning. Below are some quick tips and the recipe! This recipe is pretty simple to make. To start, combine all you dry ingredients in a large bowl.Continue reading “Easy Fluffy Whole Wheat Pancakes”

Rumchata Cupcakes with Chocolate Rumchata Buttercream Frosting

If you like cinnamon rolls or anything cinnamon, you have to try these cupcakes. They taste just like Rumchata and have a great flavor! Below is the recipe and some tips on how to make these cupcakes! As always when you start a cupcake or any cake recipe, leave the dairy ingredients out to softenedContinue reading “Rumchata Cupcakes with Chocolate Rumchata Buttercream Frosting”