Sweet Potato Scramble

Making this healthy breakfast scramble is really easy and delicious for you family to try. It doesn’t take much ingredients. Below are some brief tips and the recipe. Before you start dicing the sweet potato, add some olive oil to a skillet to heat on low-medium temperature. Dice your sweet potato. I used one largeContinue reading “Sweet Potato Scramble”

Cream Cheese & Chocolate Chip Pastry Rolls

Here is a pastry recipe for all you cheesecake and chocolate chip lovers! Below are some helpful tips! When you first get your puff pastry, you want to make sure it has thawed and is pliable enough to be rolled out. Trying to roll out stiff pastry can cause the dough to break. I madeContinue reading “Cream Cheese & Chocolate Chip Pastry Rolls”

Strawberry Chocolate Muffins

I was feeling a bit experimental the other day and decided to make chocolate muffins flavored with strawberries. Below are some tips and the recipe. The first thing you want to do is crush or puree your strawberries. I used frozen for this recipe and they worked fine. If you do use frozen strawberries, makeContinue reading “Strawberry Chocolate Muffins”